"There is nothing more rewarding than seeing deaf children light up like a Christmas Tree as they hear life's precious sounds for their very first time."

~ Justin Osmond

As the Founder and CEO of the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund, Justin Osmond realized at an early age that he was given the opportunity to speak with passion, hear with conviction, and live with determination. Thanks to the generosity, sacrifice, support, and love of his family and close friends, Justin is able to live up to his full potential and continues to reach for his greatest dreams and aspirations in life. In recognition of this blessing, Justin decided at an early age to pay it forward, give back to humanity, and leave better-hearing smiles behind.

Even though Justin has a severe and profound hearing loss, he continues to tackle and overcome any challenges that come his way. He is the only 2nd Generation in the Osmond family who was born with a severe-profound hearing loss, the same level of hearing loss as his uncles Virl and Tom Osmond. Justin was very close to his grandmother, Olive Osmond and loved hearing her stories about helping other children who were deaf. Olive's determination to aid the deaf and hard of hearing touched Justin, and as a result, he has dedicated himself to continuing her passion for building her dream to greater heights.

After serving for 11 years as a public relations representative, board member, and spokesperson for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Justin continues to travel the world, inspiring those living with hearing loss with his experience and story of hope and perseverance. In the winter of 2010, he launched the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund in honor of his late grandmother Olive. The Olive Osmond Hearing Fund re-establishes Olive's original dream to raise deaf awareness and promote hearing-health educational services by providing others with the gift of better hearing. Through your generosity and support, this organization extends its reach to deaf children across the world in honor of Mother Osmond.

In the fall of 2011, Justin launched The Hearing Fund UK to help even more deaf children and programs in the European market.

Justin has one goal in mind: to bring music to the ears of men, women and children living with hearing loss around the world.